Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Bermuda Triangle…in Alaska???

The Bermuda Triangle…it conjures up thoughts of what else…Bermuda. Sandy clean beaches, beautiful crystal clear water, fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas in them, tropical breeze blowing gently…what??? That’s not what you think of when you hear the words Bermuda Triangle??? So let me guess, you must think of strange vortexs that swallow up planes and ships with all occupants on board never to be heard from again. Well I wouldn’t and couldn’t blame you if in fact that is what you think about when those words are mentioned, but I bet you never thought of Alaska. Oh yeah you read that right, there is supposedly a Bermuda Triangle in Alaska, so for all purposes it is the Alaskan Triangle and has been doing the same type of damage for years…it just doesn’t get as much notoriety as its tropical counterpart.

So the Alaskan Triangle stretcheswell over hundreds of miles between the towns of Anchorage, Barrow & Juneau. It came to its most prominence over 20 years ago, 1972 to be exact, with the disappearance of a plane carrying prominent politicians House Majority Leader Hale Boggs and Representative Nick Begich along with the experience bush pilot. They searched for the 3 men for over 35 days and ended up calling off the search and declaring all men deceased. No trace ounce of evidence of them or the plane has ever been found and I don’t think there ever will be. Now some say that the infamous head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover was in fact responsible for covering leads to the missing men because of his hatred and constant battles with Boggs in the political arena. Now this type of political espionage and secret plots surrounds Washington more than any other government in this entire world and I don’t think I could ever truly go into detail with each and every one of them. However I don’t think Hoover, who was supposedly a closet cross dresser…yeah look that little story up, had anything to do with their disappearance, and I say that because there have been so many cases after this where people have gone missing with no trance ever to be found. So as much as a I am huge Washington political conspiracy theory fan I can safely say this isn’t one of them.

There have been over thousands of recorded missing people in the Alaskan Triangle some either hiking or some flying they have all disappeared without a trace. Now it could easily be chalked up to the harsh climate of the Alaskan wilderness and it multitudes of wild animals willing to eat any potential human who gets lost on their way and the winds and weather in the mountains could easily down a plane without ever trying. So yes, it is quite possible to easily explain the rational to all these people going missing, but to find no trace of any plane or person in all the thousands if missing people cases associated in the area of the Alaskan Triangle, now that seems a bit odd to me. With the technology of today and we can find a single piece of material associated to a missing person leaves me a bit puzzled.  Again, though like its counterpart in Bermuda no traces of the ships, planes or people have been either so it isn’t that farfetched after all I guess.

Whatever the rationale behind the strange mystery of the Alaskan Triangle, it can all easily be connected to the pyramid that is hidden beneath Alaska, pretty simple if you ask me. Wait…what??? You didn’t know about the buried pyramid in Alaska that has been theorized to control the Alaskan Triangle such as the glass pyramids associated in the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle??? It would seem that during a major blast due to the Chinese government due who the hell knows what somehow a large underground pyramid was identified in Alaska. Now I know you’re thinking just like me, WOW what an awesome find and yet its never been really talked about much. In fact the only strange thing talked about in association with Alaska is Sara Palin. So as the theory goes this pyramid id larger that the ones in Egypt and in fact are base that is very active yet we don’t know who runs it and why. My answers are because it’s not a base and it doesn’t exists unless its tied in somehow to the Hollow Earth society then we got ourselves some strange Nazi type stuff going on here. You see how all strange conspiracy theories end up tying into one another here??? The rationale for the underground pyramid could easily be tectonic plates or even a bounce in sound waves distorting the image.

So is there in fact a pyramid under Alaska? Is there truly a Alaska Triangle wrecking havoc in this world making people and planes disappear without a trace? What are hot dogs really made of? Ok that last one is a gimmie, for that answer please reference the movie The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, its worth it. I digress, there are so many areas in the world that could have Triangle like phenomena associated with them that you can never know for sure if it’s science or something much more strange and bizarre. Just make a decision for yourself and do some reading and see what you come up with. I know my vote, but Im not telling…ok here it is…I totally blame Bigfoot.

Be safe and dress warm in Alaska,

John Cannon @JohnCannonTBS


  1. I'm writing a paper on this and you need to include opposing and supporting theories.

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